Lead Generation campaign for a trading company‍

About Client

This NDA company is a licensed leading social trading platform in the industry operating across all European markets.


  • Create a full-funnel Customer Acquisition Strategy

  • Generate Leads within <€350 Cost-Per-Lead


  • Created +150 Landing Pages to tailor the offer for most popular trading pair searches.
  • A/B testing Landing Pages to improve UX/UI. Micro - Segmented the audience and created +200 display creatives for each interest
  • All creatives & LPs came in 5 languages targeting European Tier 1 countries.
  • With an investment of €XXX,000, we brought 876 leads, with CPA averaging at €271. Search CPA - €26, Display CPA - €357. Accounting for the LTV of the leads calculated on 3 month activity basis, the campaign resulted in 142% Return On Ad Spend. Which means €1 brought €1.42 in Revenue.

Key results

142% ROAS

€271 average CPA

2 months campaign


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