Launching marketing campaigns & fundraising for a SpaceTech startup

About Client

Spacebit is a British privately held company developing space robotics technology for lunar and planetary missions.

The company is launching their spider-looking robot to the moon in Q3 2023.


  • Spread the word about the mission.

  • Increase number of social media subscribers.

  • Increase user engagement with the mission.

  • Create a strategy for fundraising.


  • Formed a team of 5 to work on the project.
  • Created a Media Strategy with an outreach plan.
  • Created an SMM Strategy. Highlight: made a guest post in a 1M engineering-related page.
  • Created a PR Strategy: 1000+ outreach emails sent; 50+ press releases.
  • Performed a Conversion Rate Optimization for the website.
  • Create a strategy for the Crowdfunding Campaign.
  • Created a Brand Mascot that increased the engagement rate.
  • Reporting the performance of the campaigns and all activities in a dashboards in Data Studio.
  • Created a Go-To-Market Fundraising Strategy per priority industries per region.
  • The moon mission is scheduled for Q3 2023.

Key results

from 500 to 15,000+ followers in 3 months

9% engagement rate from followers to activities participation

BBC Science Focus, Times, New Scientist wrote about Spacebit


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