Performance marketing for an affiliate marketing platform

About Client is a B2B affiliate marketing platform.


  • The goal was to develop a context strategy and increase the number of SAAS subscriptions.


  • Conducted an audit of the marketing strategy and paid traffic channels. Analysed the audience, identified qualified leads and calculated the effectiveness of past ads.
  • Created a new paid traffic strategy which was verified by A/B test for new audiences, ad creatives and bid strategies.
  • Optimised the UX on the website and wording on the the lead forms. By optimising tracking and analytics, we set new KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the new campaigns.
  • Cross-channel analytics were reported in a separate comprehensive dashboard for the management team
  • Scaled Google Ads campaigns that performed within the KPI. As well as tested LinkedIn, Quora and Twitter ads.

Key results

Number of monthly leads increased by 70%

Monthly costs decrease by 33%

Average quarterly KPI attainment: 106%


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