Developing a Medical App

About Client

Norma is an app that allows the patient to store and view their medical data in a reliable and user-friendly way. As well as having a strong product roadmap for adding AI-first diagnostics features.


  • Create an MVP within 3 months.

  • Make competitive analysis and finalise UI.

  • Perform user test and gather feedback.

  • Plan the test launch.


  • Conducted market analysis to define USPs and positioning.
  • Conducted 25 user interview and identified user insights.
  • Collected references for data visualisation and data analysis.
  • Proposed product roadmap as a result.
  • Within 1 month developed UX/UI of the app.
  • Completed the development within the deadline.
  • Technologies: Flatter & AWS.

Key results

25 user interviews

1 month to develop UX/UI

3 months for the MVP


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