Improving Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads campaigns

About Client

LeverData is a company in the field of financial technology that specialises in offering solutions for the ingestion, validation, and ongoing management of data for financial services firms and corporations.


  • The aim was to enhance the performance of both Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads.


  • By analysing the paid traffic and marketing strategy, we gained insights into the state of the business and identified the specific activities that we need to undertake in order to achieve the set goals.
  • After conducting a thorough analysis, we initiated the planning of a strategy which encompassed the implementation of marketing and analytics tools, as well as a diverse range of activities.
  • Set new KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the new campaigns.
  • Optimised and scaled Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

Key results

1 week on discovery

Attracted 67 leads

$467 CPA


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