Business Consulting & Digital Transformation of a medical clinic

About Client

Isida Clinic is the largest women's health and family planning clinic in Ukraine.

Isida Clinic both works with local and international parients.


  • The core CRM was lagging and disturbing business operations.

  • Physical servers were on average 15 years old with no expired licences.

  • 4 core IT staff left the company a month before the project started.

  • Laboratory department was operation at a loss for the clinic.


  • Audit: IT audit of the status quo performed and presented to the top management within 3 weeks.
  • Audit: Created a process maps of core processes.
  • Audit: Set goals and priorities across 150 projects and tasks.
  • Audit: Performed a feasibility assessment for servers;
  • Tech: Discontinued generation of unused reports which speeded up the core CRM.
  • Tech: Proposed a plan for refreshment of physical infrastructure which was approved by the supervisory board.
  • Tech: Implemented industry-grade cybersecurity software and hardware. Increased storage.
  • Tech: Outsourced the laboratory to a third party provider. It took 6 months to established a secure data flow between the provider and internal medical CRM, adjust the processes and educate staff. Wholistic process map was created for all parties to align. The project saves $20,000 per month.
  • Tech: Creating a new web design and developing new website for the international business within 2 months.
  • HR: Recruited 5 new staff members within 2 months.
  • HR: Set team goals, R&R, KPis and reported to board.

Key results

Audit of the IT department in 3 weeks.

Lab outsourcing saves $20,000 per month.

5 new team member hired in 2 months.


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