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GoMage is focuses on developing turnkey eCommerce websites and platform on Magento. 


  • The goal was to improve the volume and quality of qualified B2B leads taking into account that the new lead should not have been a part of the performance marketing funnel.


  • Conducted an audit of the marketing strategy, target audience analysis looking for insights as to portrait of customer who would be interested in developing a website on Magento.  
  • Created an actionable plan based on historical data and the audit. As well as set hypotheses that helped to optimise the campaigns.
  • Performed A/B test for ad creatives and bid strategies.
  • Set new KPIs to measure the effectiveness of the campaigns. This included configuring tracking, analytics and measuring with the tools such as GTM, GA4, BigQuery, Data Studio.
  • Conducted competitive research, their audiences and creatives. Expanded the semantic core and proposed new channels for targeting.
  • Scales Google Ads and Facebook Ad campaigns that performed within the KPI.
  • Established new channels: Bings, LinkedIn and Quora.

Key results

2 weeks for the audit

Average quarterly KPI attainment at 118%.

Increased achievement of the KPI from 90% in 2018 to 148% in 2021.


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